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What is public health informatics?

Public health informatics is the systematic application of information, computer science, and technology to public health practice, research, and learning. However, the definition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those working in the discipline has not been thoroughly described (DEFINE_ME. (n.d.) 2020).

Compare public health informatics with other health informatics domains (i.e., nursing, biomedical, pharmacy, etc.).

Biomedical informatics is a branch of health informatics. This interdisciplinary field attempts to analyze the biomedical data to solve problems and discover the best way to improve human health. Biomedical informatics focuses on both traditional and computational methods in biology and medicine, as well as research in genomics, proteomics, pharmacology, and other medical disciplines (DEFINE_ME. (n.d.)).

  • Bioinformatics: The application of computer technology and three-dimensional modeling to large sets of biological data ( (n.d.)).
  • Biomedical Informatics: The statistical analysis of healthcare information to identify trends and improve healthcare problems and decision-making ( (n.d.)).
  • Medical Informatics: The collection and evaluation of medical knowledge and patient data to facilitate and improve patient care ( (n.d.)).
  • Clinical Informatics: The collection, evaluation, and application of information technology to deliver healthcare services and improve care provided by healthcare organizations ( (n.d.)).
  • Nursing Informatics: The combination of nursing information, information management, and communication technologies to promote patient-centered care ( (n.d.)).
  • Pharmacy Informatics: The collection, evaluation, and application of medication-related data ( (n.d.)).
  • Public Health Informatics: The use of technology within the public health field, including to promote surveillance of population health, education, prevention, outbreak management, and electronic reporting ( (n.d.)).

Identify a public health challenge and describe how public health informatics tools and methodologies can be applied to address that challenge.

During the crisis, a general challenge is the necessity of making healthcare and policy decisions in situations of substantial uncertainty, when there is little knowledge and no direct evidence base to manage a yet largely unknown agent-related threat. A concrete challenge is providing methodological approaches for high-speed scoping reviews of potentially useful prior knowledge and experience from similar previous events epidemiological, public health, biomedical, clinical. surveillance to monitor the current pandemic thread and how to model the spread. evaluation candidate for antiviral agents and vaccines: how to ethically fast-track trials of benefit and assess adverse effects.

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