AMU Developments that Resulted from World War Ii Socio Political Policies Essay


You will produce a research paper on the topic of his/her choosing in the period under study. Research should include the use of at least 10 relevant secondary sources, especially recent articles about the topic in scholarly journals. It should also contain pertinent primary sources material. The fruit of this research will be presented in a paper of at least 8 pages, with citations according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

The paper should include:

· A discussion of the significance of the topic

· The historiography of the topic

· A clear thesis statement about your position regarding the topic

· A well developed historical argument sustaining your thesis.

Follow the footnote (or endnote) and bibliography “humanities” style in the Chicago Manual of Style for the citation of all sources and the formatting of your bibliography. That is the citation and bibliographic style used by historians. Do not use the “in-text” and reference list citation style that is also allowed by Chicago style for the physical, natural, and social sciences. You also need to format your paper according to the elements listed in the Chicago Manual of Style.