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For this final formal essay, you’ll need to use the skills developed in critical response and rhetorical analysis to argue on a particular topic. To limit the range of possible topics, you must select a topic discussed by one of the essays in the back half of our OSU Custom Reader. After effectively summarizing one essay you’ve selected, you will then discuss the issue in that article and your position regarding that issue. The goal of this essay is to persuade an audience to adopt your point of view on the issue.
 Select an article that you find controversial or interesting. You’ll do a bit of research, but controversy and prior interest helps to fuel better exploration of the topic. 
You must have strong feelings on the issue discussed by the article. The essay requires that you argue for a position, which eliminates the possibility of offering no definite point of view on the subject.
 The issue must have reasonable disagreement regarding its causes. This means you must consider the opposing view in your essay. This is known as rebuttal and its function is to strengthen your argument.
 Here are a few basic elements your essay must include: Your essay should present a clear summary of the article you’re arguing for or against. Offer a clear thesis that states the author’s precise position on the subject.
 Your essay should be fair and academic in tone. (This means that you will use third person for the most part, but limited use of first person is acceptable) The essay must fairly present an opposing view on the subject and overcome this opposing point of view in the essay’s conclusion.
 Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors should be minimal.
 Paragraphs should be well developed and well organized. They should include smooth transitions.  (THESE ARE THE REQUIRMENTS FOR THE ARGUING ESSAY)

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