1500 word essay choose one question below 1

Answer one of the following: Just choose one question! NO OUTSIDE SOURCES! I will send you where to get the information from. So from the ” cases in comparative” book only use chapters 8 & 9 for sources. And from the ” essentials of comparative” book only use chapter 10 for sources. I have attached both of the books links down there. Thank you please no outside sources and DO NOT go over 1500 words. This is the link for the “cases of comparative” book, because the file was too big so i just sent the link. But the other books pdf is attached below.

Both China and India have been incredibly successful at promoting economic growth, but they have pursued very different paths to political development, India the democratic road and China the authoritarian one. How have the two countries responded politically to meet the challenges of development as detailed in lecture and chapter 10 of Essentials? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches? In your essay, focus primarily on the role of political institutions, government and party as appropriate to the case.
How have India and China addressed the goals of freedom and equality? The primary emphasis here is on a discussion of political institutions. Why do you think these countries adopted such different paths to these goals?

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