1500-word Management of Innovation Report

The case

You have been recruited to be an innovation and creativity manager in a high-tech start-up company, called TECHSOL, which is based in Brighton, UK. These are very early days of this company. Pedro Gonzalez – the CEO and founder – plans to launch soon the company’s first product – a social media monitoring and analytics platform for businesses that want to understand how customers talk about their brands online. Pedro and his friends developed a technology that collects mentions from millions of online sources (news articles, blog posts, tweets, Facebook statuses, among other), analyses the mentions and presents the results of the analysis in a simple format. Pedro wants to make sure that the company creates some process innovation to improve their existing monitoring and analytics platform as well as some new innovative products. He asked you to prepare a plan for managing creativity and innovation processes in TECHSOL.

Your Selected Topic

Apply concepts and tools from ‘Management of Innovation’ module to prepare a plan for managing ONE of the following aspects:

A.  Collaborations with other organisations in order to further develop TECHSOL’s innovative services

B.  Protection of TECHSOL’s intellectual property

C.  Stimulating adoption of TECHSOL’s innovative platform for social media monitoring and analytics

D.  Creating an innovative climate in TECHSOL

E.  Designing a formal organisational process for managing innovation in TECHSOL

Further Guidance

•  In your plan, explain what tools/methods/practices could be adopted in TECHSOL, assess the strengths and weaknesses of different tools/methods/practices, justify why TECHSOL should manage this aspect of innovation in a way that you suggest.

•  The case description is short, and you may need to make further assumptions about the firm (e.g. you want to assume their trade only in the UK). Make all your assumptions explicit.

Report of 1,500 words

–  ±10% rule applies

–  References (and appendices, if used) are excluded from the word-count

Select ONE of the five topics

Its structure

•  Use the following headings:

–  Introduction — 150 words

•  What is this report about?

–  Selected Concepts (tools/methods/practices) — 500 words (Please inform me which topic you are going to choose so i can provide required tools/ methods/practices/ for you to write in the report,thanks!)

•  Which tools/methods/practices from the lectures are relevant?

•  What are their strengths and weaknesses?

–  Concept application — 500 words

•  How could TECHSOL manage the aspect of innovation you have selected (based on one of the five topics) and why?

–  Conclusions and recommendations — 350 words

•  What have you learned and what are your practical recommendations to the CEO?

–  References

–  (Appendices)

Use of References

– Academic bibliography (mostly journal articles

-At least 6-7 academic references should be included

-Use Harvard referencing style properly (as follows) for both in-text citations and list of references


Author Surname, Initials. (Year of publication) Book title. Place of publication: publisher, pp.

Chapters/Sections in edited books

Author of the section / chapter – Surname, Initials. (Year of publication) ‘chapter title’ in followed by the book’s author / editor surname, first name. Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher. pp.


Author – Surname, Initials. (Year of publication) eBook title. E-book collection [Online]. Available at: URL (Downloaded: date month year).


Author – Surname, Initials. (Year of publication) ‘Title of article’, Title of journal,* Volume (Issue), pp.

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