Neumann University Podcast Review


By a “review”, I mean a 2 to 3 page (double-spaced) discussion of what you liked and/or didn’t like about the various aspects of podcast production that we have just begun to talk about in class. So, everything from the tone of the speakers’ voices (appropriate for the subject matter &/or the general feel of the show; engaging?) to the sound quality; to use of music and any additional audio, like sound effects; the storytelling (if that’s what they’re doing); the depth of the information they provide; substantiation of their opinions; the entertainment value; the flow of the production (Do the producers do a good job of moving the dialogue onward, and keep you engaged throughout?); verbal economics — When the show is over, do you feel as though the producers covered their focus sufficiently, but without much in the way of “fluff” or unneeded dialogue? There’s other questions you can get into, of course, and different styles of podcasts will have different levels of importance on certain aspects of the production.