ASU Assessment Results & Recommendations of A Team in Amazon Essay


The focus of this assignment is to emphasize the centrality of ethical values in the context of group/team effectiveness.  It has two parts: 1) team effectiveness assessment, and 2) a 4-5 page, double-spaced, Times, 12-point font Word reflective paper with at least 3 references. The team that is the focus of your study needs to be in an organization where you work or volunteer. 

Part 1: Assessment

Select a team in an organization where you work or volunteer to consider as the “focus” for this assignment. Complete the team effectiveness assessment tool developed by Jessica M. Logan, Courtney L. Holladay, Andreas Schumacher, and Darrell Simmons. Click here (Links to an external site.) to access it. (THE ORGANIZATION IS AMAZON)

Part 2: Results & Recommendations

Consider the assessment results.  In a 4-5  page, double-spaced, Times, 12-point font Word document , discuss:

  • Explore how the results resonate with the organization’s mission/vision/values, and where there is non-alignment between these elements and team effectiveness.  Include a discussion of the implications of the team assessment results.
  • What are the leadership opportunities implicit in the results?
  • Recommend action steps aimed at building on the team’s strengths. Include how these recommendations will help the organization better meet its mission/vision/values.