4 paragraphs anatomy instructor

Here are the instructions my professor sent:
Choose 3 bones of the axial skeleton and 3 bones of the appendicular skeleton.

For each of the bones you choose, write anatomical descriptions of the two (2) most important bone surface features for that bone and explain why they are the most important.

Do not describe sutures or sinuses.
Your submission should have 6 paragraphs (one per bone).

I have already done 2 anatomical terms already and I will provide which terms you will need to discuss and I will attach pictures and the readings that It will come from.The terms that you will need to write about is the following:1) Humerus: surface feature 1, surface feature 22) Clavicle: surface feature 1, surface feature 23) Thoracic Vertebrae: surface feature 1, surface feature 24) Mandible: surface feature 1, surface feature 2I will send a picture of each bone and their surface features. Choose whichever surface features are most important and I will also send explanations from my book about the surface features. I am going to post one paragraph that I already have done on the femur:For the Femur there are many different types of surface features in which they are all important in their own ways. Two features that I have found to be very important are the Head of the femur and the Medial Epicondyle. The Head is located on the medial side of the femur on the proximal end. The reason why I believe the Head is one of the most important features of the Femur is that it connects the upper leg to the pelvis allowing for various types of movement in twisting and for movement such as walking and running. The Head contains a small central depression called the fovea capitis and this is what connects to the acetabulum of the Hip bone. Without the head, there wouldnâ€t be a stable attachment of the lower limbs to the rest of the body making it very difficult for movement and we wouldnâ€t be able to function properly. The next anatomical surface feature of the Femur that is very important is the Medial Epicondyle. The Medial Epicondyle is located medial of the Femur on the distal end. This is very important because this is the site of the attachments of the ligaments of the knee joints. This is very important because If there were no sites for the ligaments of the kneecap to attach then the kneecap would be rendered useless. And without a functioning kneecap, our legs could be inverted making it very hard to stabilize our bodies such as running, walking, or even standing upright. It would be a very difficult task. That is why the Medial Epicondyle is very important. Make sure to write it in the same way as above.Also make sure not to write about sutures or sinuses.

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