What is Political Science?

What is Political Science?

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While there have been debates on whether or not political science is an actual science, I believe that it is considered a science. As defined by the Department of Political Science of the University of Washington, “political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels” (University of Washington, n.d.). Science is based on making observations, formulating a hypothesis regarding an observation, testing the hypothesis and then forming a theory. Political Science does the very same. Political scientists will observe patterns in politics, formulate a hypothesis and help to advocate for policies that they feel would make a positive impact on local, state and national levels. It is important for students, especially for nursing students, to take an interest in Political Science because there are countless policies that impact the nursing profession. As we enter the nursing profession, we are in the fortunate position to observe what policies work and what policies can be put into place to help us provide patient centered care to those whom we take care of. For instance,  one goal of the National Nurse Act of 2019 calls to “provide guidance and leadership for activities to promote the public health, including encouraging nurses and other health professionals to be volunteers and developing projects that educate the public about and engage the public in prevention practices to achieve better health”(“National Nurse Act of 2019”,2019). If nursing students take an interest in Political Science, we have the ability to make a positive impact on not only our communities in which we are a part of but the nation as a whole. In the textbook Political Science Today, the author states that some Political Scientists, “seek to understand what makes states succeed, thrive, and prosper and others fail” (Whitman, 2020). I think why I find political science so interesting is that every person has a unique point of view. By making observations about what makes a state succeed or fail, even a single person can impact the lives of those across a nation.


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