University of North Carolina Greensboro Apple Inc Positioning Brand Statements


  • Think about a brand that you are “loyal” to (perhaps you are involved in a loyalty rewards program, or use the brand’s app, or recommend the brand to others. Tell us about the Product/Service.
  • Identify the Customer pains that are alleviated with the brand, what gains you get from using the brand, and what jobs the brand does for you.
  • Identify this brand’s type of value proposition (more for less, more for the same, more for more, etc).
  • Practice writing TWO brand positioning statements (You can use the same brand above, your current company, yourself, etc).
    • Use the structure presented in the lecture (below)
    • “To (target segment and need) our (brand) is (concept) that (point of difference)”
  • Respond to one classmate’s post by suggesting a different point of differentiation for the brand or identify different pains/gains of the brand. (will not be available until I post mine first)
  •… short little video on value map

The classmate to respond to.

Product/Service: When I saw this exercise, the brand that came to the forefront is Amazon. I have the Amazon app on my phone and am an Amazon Prime member. I purchase something on Amazon every other day on average. It allows 2 day delivery on the majority of products. In addition to time savings with shopping for house hold items, similar services are afforded for media through kindle unlimited books and discounted Amazon prime video services. Further, it allows charitable donations with Amazon smile services and Whole Foods groceries.

Customer profile

Jobs– I am a busy professional, student, wife and mother and having to search many websites for products for daily use does not fit my lifestyle. I primarily use Amazon for a functional need- shopping for household goods. I do also enjoy a sale so Amazon Prime Day is a large emotional perk of using the service.

Pains– I often want products immediately as when I remember to order them is generally when I need them. The wide depth and breadth of items on Amazon has made it a one stop place for shopping. Further the ease of use of the app has even further streamlined the process. To be able to click and buy a product without having to reenter shipping addresses or payment information is a time saver. Subscribe and Save allows for planned delivery of frequently used household items. One limitation for past on-line shopping was difficulty of returns. Products are returnable no questions asked with drop off at UPS without a box and just with a QR code.

Gains– When I do have time for self care, I want something I can easily obtained. Having a book or video at my fingertips is helpful. Having a Kindle or Prime Video which allow for point and click books and videos respectively expands Amazon’s value. Adding organic food to my diet is a nice adjunct. Delivery of Whole Foods makes organic food more accessible. Further, I enjoy shopping sales. Amazon Prime Day has in many ways replaced Black Friday shopping.

Value Proposition– Much has been written about Amazon’s value proposition in marketing/business literature. Differentiating factors include many things alluded to above- value, convenience, low prices, huge selection (1). Probably best said, Amazon’s general brand proposition is high value with low cost (2). For me, this cost is not only financial but also time. Thus, they are providing more for less.

Brand Position Statements– I am an active yogi and our area has a number of yoga studios competing for the same people as well as new markets. After trying out 5 yoga studios in town, I attend Yoga Cure. They aim to allow all people to participate in their yoga and work with surrounding physical therapists to promote themselves as Healing yoga. My statement for them is:

To people for whom yoga is a lifestyle as well as those that have thought they were too inflexible to try yoga, Yoga Cure makes yoga accessible to all, including those in good health and in who suffer from illness or pain.

I am also in the job market. The jobs I am applying to are competitive and it is important to differentiate myself from other colleagues. I have started by developing mantra statements that are similar to these brand positioning statements. One such statement:

To ensure your next Chairperson will satisfy today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision, it is important to recruit a leader that has an established track record of successes across departments over time. I am that person.



Does not need to be a long response.

  • Respond to one classmate’s post by suggesting a different point of differentiation for the brand or identify different pains/gains of the brand. (will not be available until I post mine first)