TU Truth in Advertising & Statistics in Your Life Discussion

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First discussion question:

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING)  Infomercials often peddle products under the guise of “studies show…”.  While some of the products are surprisingly good (e.g., FoodSaver, Foreman Grill, Ronco Rotisserie), many of the products are not.  Why should you be initially suspicious of any products advertised on these shows, despite the “existence” of data?  What factors would help to convince you that the claims might be true?

Second discussion question:

STATISTICS IN YOUR LIFE)  An MBA course is most successful when scholars can implement it’s contents in their present situations and envision using the information in the future. Carefully consider the work that you do, either in your chosen career, volunteer work, or some other aspect of improving an organization. Select two management tasks or decisions that would be informed by the use of statistics. Describe the decisions or tasks, and state what statistics you believe would be most useful and why. Discuss what data would be needed to provide the necessary statistics and why it is appropriate. Provide appropriate citations at the end of the post, as necessary