1.      What are the names of the physicians that care for Morgan?  What are their specialties (for example “Dr. John Smith, Pediatrician”) and what advice do they give Morgan at the beginning of the movie?  What advice or conclusions to they provide at the end of the movie?   (Remember, you are mentioning what each provider says….not okay to put “all the doctors said it was a bad idea” for example).   
2.       Why did Morgan go on this diet for 30 days?  What was his motive?   What was his health like at the beginning of the movie, prior to starting the diet?   What happened to his health as his diet continued (from his perspective, not the physician) and when his diet concluded?
3.       Name 3 things (in detail) that you learned from the movie and how it relates to this nutrition course (for example the role of fats, types of fats, etc.). 
4.      We had a discussion post(s) on corporate America and the food industry  (corn syrup, obesity, etc.).   How do those discussion(s) relate to this movie?   You also viewed a couple of TED talks for this course.  Do the TED talks relate?  How do you feel now, at the end of the course, about the food industry in America?  Okay?  Room for improvement?  Concerning?
5.      What was the biggest surprise in this movie?   How has your diet (or understanding of diet) changed since taking this course?
here the movie link 
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