Strayer Univeristy Chapter 7 Common Problem Areas Questions

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I’m working on a criminal justice multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Question 1: 

Part of the reading from Chapter 7 contains a section on, “Common Problem Areas,” related to issues with written reports.

Identify these three major problems and provide at least one example of why it is so important to avoid each type of problem listed.

Question 2: Respond to this scenario 

“There are 3 common types of problem areas when writing reports. Misinterpretation is the first one. This one comes mainly from having difficulty reading the form. You can avoid this problem if you pay attention and read the instructions. Secondly there is omission. This is the easiest mistake to make. You need to put exactly what it Is. If you don’t know you need to put something instead of leaving a blank line. Lastly is grammatical errors. This is the most difficult one to correct when you make a mistake. You have to really think and get the words and sentences right. You don’t want run on sentences or misspelling of words. Its very important to get all these right. It takes listening, studying and paying attention.”