St Petersburg College Understanding Asian Cultures and Language Question

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Please read the “Mind Stretching” questions found on page 474 of your textbook (isbn 9781138223684).  Select and discuss one out of the five (5) questions.  Please write out the question you will be responding to.

1.Imagine you are on a team negotiating with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean counterparts. What kinds of specific difficulties would you face based on your own preferences? Which nationality would you find most difficult to successfully deal with? Why?
2.Think about your own approach to problem-solving. Do you rate values or objective data more highly? How do you persuade someone who thinks differently from you?
3.Think about your own style of communications. Do you prefer to just say what you think based on the evidence? Do you try to get along with other people by “softening” your message and being willing to compromise? Is one approach better than the other?
4.Why is it important for you to increase your knowledge and skill in Asian cultures, languages, negotiation styles, and business practices?
5.How would you build guanxi relationships in China? How is relationship-building similar and also different in China versus Japan or Korea?

Using your readings from chapter 14, explain your response to the question you are answering.