Personal Statement for A Civil Engineer Teaching Assistant Job at Kuwait University Paper


What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a place to share your strengths, achievements and career aspirations with a potential employer. For a teacher, this statement provides an opportunity to demonstrate how you are the ideal candidate for an open teaching position in a school. The personal statement should be approximately 200 to 500 words and include a brief overview of who you are in addition to your strengths, work experience and education. It is important to write a new personal statement for every position you apply for. A uniquely written statement will reflect the individual qualities a school is looking for in its teaching candidates.

Here are the basic steps to craft a strong personal statement for teaching positions:

Brainstorm ideas.

Introduce yourself.

Highlight your achievements, skills and strengths.

End with your objective.

1. Brainstorm ideas

Before you begin the writing process, brainstorm ideas for what you could incorporate into your personal statement, including accomplishments, strengths and skills. For teaching positions, experiences you have had in the classroom can be particularly powerful. Read through the job description and look at the words used to describe the candidate the school is looking to hire, such as “creative,” “innovative” or “motivated.” Using those or similar words can help your resume stand out.

2. Introduce yourself

Write a personal introduction that outlines who you are, including your educational background, whether you have prior experience teaching and, if so, what role you held at a previous school. For a strong personal introduction, include a statement explaining what attracted you to that specific teaching position.

3. Highlight your achievements, skills and strengths

After introducing yourself, explain what you have to offer the school and what sets you apart from other candidates. Some things you could potentially include here are relevant experience, achievements, skills, unique talents and professional goals. You may also want to include different classroom strategies you have found to be particularly useful and what impact they had on your students. Try to limit this to two sentences.

4. End with your objective.

Your conclusion in the personal statement should clearly articulate why you are applying for the teaching position and what you want to accomplish. Share your vision for what you would like to achieve in your next teaching position, possibly touching on learning, teaching styles and strategies.