MT 499 PUG SIXSTAR IT Consulting Finance Strategies Paper


The virtual business being used is an IT Consulting Firm called SIXSTAR IT Consulting.

Finance Strategies

Because you are general business experts, your operations and finance strategies must be thorough and detailed. It is up to your virtual team to determine how to present the information needed in your operations and finance strategies. Be sure to consider the managerial controls and processes that will ensure checks and balances are in place to protect the interests of the investors.

These are important factors to consider as you conduct your research:

  • A group of angel investors owns 40% of the virtual business.
  • Each virtual team member was selected to start and operate this virtual business.
  • The angel investors hold three out of five permanent seats on the board of directors of your virtual business.
  • The angel investors will provide $100,000 to fund the virtual business.
  • It is the job of the virtual team to convince the angel investors that you deserve funding for your new virtual business venture.

In this graded discussion, your virtual team will contemplate the operations and finance strategies of your virtual business. To continue developing the strategic business plan, each virtual team member should contribute to this discussion by addressing the following discussion topics:

  • What are the components of an operations strategy in a strategic business plan?
  • Discuss the conceptual framework of a service blueprint and explain its importance in the strategic business planning process.
  • Explain the differences between a sales forecast and an operating budget.
  • Compare and contrast the use of projected balance sheets, profit and loss, and cash flow statements in the strategic business planning process.
  • Explain why financial projections in the strategic business planning process are so important to potential investors.