Miami Dade College Alienation in the Metamorphosis of Gregor Response


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Choose one of the following assertions and write a 200 word response supporting why you agree or disagree with it. When you are done posting your response, reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words.

  1. Gregor’s transformation highlights his isolation and alienation before his metamorphosis.


  2. Despite having become an insect, Gregor is more humane and sensitive than his family.


  3. If Gregor had been a stronger person, he would have been able to avoid all of the suffering and alienation he endures.

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In the novel, Gregor despite becoming a giant insect is still more humane than his family. As the sole breadwinner in the house after seeing the transformation his main concern about his state is not the fact that he is now a bug but that he needs to keep his job to support his family and pay off their debt. No one else in the novel shows any kind of compassion unless it benefits them. His family and boss are more concerned about the impact of him not being able to perform his job instead of his well-being. Everyone he interacts with on a regular basis in his life only shows any care toward him and his wellbeing when it benefits them, then when he can no longer be useful, he is considered a burden negating what help he provided before the circumstances changed. The only member of the family who takes care of him is his sister, Greta but that seems to be more for personal satisfaction than actual compassion. While Gregor is working, his sister cared for him because he wanted to send her to the conservatory and provided for the family then after his metamorphosis, she cared for him to feel like a good person but all of that went out the window after the novelty wore off and it sunk in that he had no more use.