List various health outcomes related to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve

List various health outcomes related to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve

Presentations and Evaluation of Effectiveness Directions


Use the tool (view attachment for tool) and submit fake responses to the quiz questions/answers in either a PIE, Bar Chart or Excel just showing your ability to make charts/graphs. (Please review both attachment samples)

  1. Present your evidence-based project to nurses in person and ask them to complete the quiz forms (Quiz questions at the bottom of these directions).
  2. Tally the number of correct/incorrect answers or types of responses for each item in your quiz/survey. You may show the number of answers/responses on the actual quiz/survey or another table. You will use this data to create tables and graphs.
  3. Use spreadsheet software to develop charts or graphs to display the most relevant or key findings of quiz/survey (for all 5 questions). Each chart/graph should have a title and legend, as well as footnotes to define abbreviations, if used. After the charts/graphs are finalized, then place them in an appendix, along with the tables that show the number of correct/correct or other responses to each item.
  4. Summarize the presentation experience and results of your survey in paragraph form, including who was educated, number who completed survey, questions or comments from the audience, and an overview of your findings. Include the percentages for how many questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. Be sure to look back at your teaching plan objectives (I will attach the teaching plan) and discuss how well each objective was met. Include a sentence referring the reader to the appendix when necessary.
  5. Compare your findings with what you expected to find. Link your findings or comparisons to recommendations or information in the guidelines or articles you have read (I will attach the article critique & guidelines). Discuss some possible barriers to implementing evidence-based practice and strategies you could use to improve or maintain good practice. Cite at least two references to support your statements.
  6. Conclude with what went well and what you would do differently to improve the educational material or teaching/learning experience. Think about the “ideal” world and what you could do to improve educating others about the EBP regarding this problem.


  1. List various health outcomes related to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve
  2. State complications related to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve
  3. Between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, which one has a higher risk of nutritional deficiencies
  4. Overall impression of presentation: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________
  5. Speakers’ knowledge of subject: ___poor ___fair ___good ___excellent