Is attention to feelings beneficial or detrimental to affective well-being? Mood regulation as a moderator variable

Is attention to feelings beneficial or detrimental to affective well-being? Mood regulation as a moderator variable

RSCH 8260 Week 2 Assignment: Article Critique

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Throughout this course, you will be asked to find scholarly articles that use a given quantitative research methodology and write a critique about each article. The goal of this guide is to enable you to find scholarly articles to critique. This guide will go over how to:

  • access a suitable Library database
  • use appropriate search terms to find specific types of quantitative studies
  • identify the methodology used in a particular article

Access a database

Which database you search in will determine the results that you get. For example, if you search in a health or nursing database, the results you get will be geared toward the health sciences and nursing. If you search in an education database, you’ll get results that are focused on education.

To help you find a database that is relevant to your area of study, we have divided the Library databases into subject areas. Here is how you can access them:

  1. On theLibrary Homepage, click on the Select a Subject drop-down menu in the Subject Resources box:
  2. Click the subject area that most closely matches your area of interest:
  3. Once you have clicked on a subject, you’ll be on the Research Homepage for that subject. Scroll down until you see the list of databases and click on the title of a database to access it.

Note: The databases are organized with the largest collections at the top of the list, so selecting the first database is generally a good place to start.

Search for quantitative studies

Throughout this course, you will need to find seven scholarly articles, each with a specific research methodology, to critique. Below you will find suggested search terms that you can use in the database of your choice to find articles with each type of research methodology. Because the different Library databases use different terms to describe the same methodology, the terms that work for your search will depend on which database you are searching. If one term doesn’t bring back relevant results, try another one. You may also wish to combine all of the listed terms with OR. To learn more about using OR and AND in your searches, please refer to our guide:


Note: Not every research methodology is appropriate for every research topic. This means that you may not find an article on a very specific topic that uses a certain methodology. If you are trying to find an article on your particular research interest using a specific methodology, keep your search terms broad or you may not get any results.