Discuss a specificeconomic concept and how it relates to current government policy.

Assignment Two

For the second assignment, you will create a 2-5-minute video or write about one of the topics listed below. If you choose to produce a video, please include a 1 paragraph summary of your topic.

You may work in pairs.

Assignment Summary:

Discuss a specific economic concept and  how it relates to current government policy.

Be sure to include a reliable news outlet/other (google scholar) discussing this policy. You will be discussing an economic concept in the context of a current event or policy. You may also use the textbook as a source. Check out the magazine the economist….

Potential Writing Assignment Topics:

I.Discuss a specific example of a government policy that has been established for the purpose of protecting the environment.

II. Discuss a specific example of a U.S. government policy to restrict imports.

Possible Topics: Trade war with China

IV. Discuss a specific environmental market used in the U.S.

Possible Topics: California Cap-and Trade

V. Discuss the impact of monopolies on market efficiency. What is the impact on consumers? Industry innovation? What are current US policies regulating monopolies and how has the prevalence of monopolies changed over time?

VI. Price Discrimination: What is price discrimination? How has use of price discrimination changed over time and what are the impacts on consumer welfare (think technology).

VII. Labor Markets: The gender-pay gap (or work place discrimination; hiring discrimination). What laws are in place to prevent this? How effective are laws? Is there evidence of pay-gap/ work place discrimination?

You may also choose to write about any topics covered from chapters 14-19 (i.e. game theory, cartels, oligopolies, etc.)

Word Count: 250-650 words

Writing (15 points)

  • Write formally. Avoid phrases such as “I think” or “in my opinion” or “as you can see”
  • Use full sentences
  • Spell-check
  • include references (i.e. news source, textbook, APA format) (atleast two)
  • Re-read your assignment 1-2 times before turning it in.
  • Don’t Plagiarize

Content (35 Points)

  • (I) Briefly and in your own words, summarize the policy and its purpose (1-2 paragraph) (15 points).
  • (II) Analyze the economic impacts of your topic on consumer/producer welfare, labor markets, or firm’s profits (or other topics covered in class) (20 points)
    •  You may choose to include a graph, but this is not necessary