discuss a memorable professional gathering/event you attended and the value incurred in attending.

Real World Advanced Nursing Practicalities
Project description
discuss a memorable professional gathering/event you attended and the value incurred in attending. What was your favorite part? {I attended a nursing events about Preparing a Manuscript for Publication I learned how to prepare a manuscript which was great for my future career} Can you see yourself becoming more involved in such events in the futurewhy or why not (Yes)?
Second discuss the professional nursing organization to which you belong and a professional organization (or website) you think is most beneficial to you as an advanced practice nurse. How does it support you in your future Advanced Practice Nurse role? {currently Im not a part of any organization yet but if there is an organization for total quality management in healthcare in my country of course Ill part of it}
Third discuss your vision of the ideal interdisciplinary team that you hope to be a part of in your future APN role {Infection Control and PreventionTeam}. What is the unique knowledge you bring to the table as a nurse and as an Advanced Practice Nurse?Then discuss the professional responsibilities (such as licensure regulation {Infection Control and Prevention} certification {diploma in Total Quality Management} continuing education etc) you will be required to uphold in your future APN role. Do you think this is necessary and/or beneficial? Why or why not? How has this evolved since inception of the role? Finally given the current health care delivery financing system in place in the U.S. discusshow much you expect to be paid in your future APN role.Consider both direct and indirect remunerationyour salary benefits fringe benefits malpractice insurance coverage continuing education funding etc.Be sure to consider the funding source (ie. where this funding is coming from).How do you justify your cost compared to the services you provide the funds you bring in (again consider both direct and indirect sources) and the knowledge you hold? As you reflect on and discuss your perspectives analyze your ideal visions compared to your concerns and beliefs of the real world practicalities inherent in your future APN role. Cite evidence to support your findings and analysis.