De Anza College Escaping the Inequality Trap in Rigging the Game Notes & Letter


Each reading response has two parts:

  1. Notes on the assigned reading
  2. A letter to Jen with your thoughts about the reading

What Should Your Reading Notes Include?

  • They should capture the key points in each subsection
  • They should define key terms and concepts
  • They should capture the key points made ABOUT those terms and concepts

Letter to Jen

I want a peek inside your brain.  Write a one paragraph letter/note to me about your thoughts about the reading (and I will write you little notes back).  One paragraph is equivalent to roughly 150 words.  Here are some questions to choose from to write me about:

  • What new insight does this reading offer you to explain something about your own life?
  • Who in your life or in the world needs to hear something about this reading and what would you say to them about it?
  • What ideas/concepts in this reading are new to you and especially intriguing?
  • How do the ideas in this reading connect to the ideas in another reading we have done this quarter, or things you have learned in other classes?
  • What in this reading challenges your thinking or made you react negatively and how come?
  • What is ONE question that you would like me to answer about this reading and why?

For each reading, you may choose one of the above questions.  Be sure to mix it up throughout the quarter—try not to answer the same question every time.