CUMS Environment Management and TFR Questionnaire

Question Description

I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

– How has agriculture (crop yield/unit area) changed over the past 60 years? Are there still issues with food availability? Is there enough food to feed to world? Is there enough land, water, and nutrients?

– Population Growth and Consumption Patterns

– How does consumption/consumer buying habits change as a country becomes industrialized?

– What are some of the Key Causes of Climate Change?

– Discuss a few strategies that can be implemented to help stabilize population growth, reduce poverty, and restore our ecosystems to reduce the impacts of climate change

– Be able to define restoration

– What are the major trends of urbanization globally?

– Be able to describe the 3 stages of the demographic model? Do you feel this model is accurate? If all counties in the world become industrialized; what needs to happen to curb consumer buying power?

– What is TFR? How can we educate people about the importance of lowering the TFR for the planet?

– Death rates are declining worldwide (not considering the Global COVID-19 Pandemic)

– What factors might increase a countries death rate % in the future; if population growth rates are not stabilized?

– What are some potential solutions for improving water use efficiency, eutrophication, GHG emission, food waste…?

– Why is coastal population expansion such a problem? What are some of the negative environmental effects of development within our low-lying lands?