. Conduct research and summarize a criminal case involving an internet predator

Field Observation Journal
Assignment Instructions
Over the week, observe real people in a public/impersonal setting and take notes about their behavior. At the end of the week, submit a 2 page journal entry that summarizes what you’ve observed and discuss your observations, using one of the theoretical frameworks in your textbooks. In other words, share your observations then explain what they mean using concepts from your course readings. P
Forum Question:
1. Conduct research and summarize a criminal case involving an internet predator.  Be sure and address what type of sexual offender this case involved. 2. What are some of the investigative challenges faced when attempting to capture internet predators?
Original responses to the forum questions each week need to be substantial 375 words, a minimum of 2 peer reviewed scholarly sources. The citation and references will be in APA Style. Sources used for studies or statistical information should be less than 10 years old. Direct quoting should be limited.  Interpretation in your own words is expected.
I also emailed this information to each of you through private email and posted the reminder in the forum.
In order to be successful in this course, you will need to do the following:
Hints for Success:
* Review the syllabus and print it out for reference
* Lessons is the core area of the class; visit it often
*Do not just google the forum topic.  Complete your required reading in Lessons and base your answer on the reading and additional literature to support your views.
* Read the announcements weekly
* A minimum of 2 academic references must be used for each assignment. These must be academic sources not websites.
* Work is to be referenced in proper 6th edition APA format (to include in text citations) * Each forum must be answered in essay format using a minimum of 350 words which is a standard essay answer. Many answers will require more in the range of 500 words to be fully developed.
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