Columbia Southern University Female Cancer and Other Illnesses in the Fire Service Paper

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Research Proposal Paper Part II

In this assignment, you will finish the process of formally documenting your research proposal. Update and expand the weaker areas of your existing paper based on your professor’s feedback from your Unit V submission, and assemble the following elements:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction to the issue
    • Problem statement
    • Purpose statement
    • Research questions/hypotheses
  • Background and significance
    • Provide background of the problem.
    • How is it relevant to your fire department or the fire service?
    • Why is this study needed?
  • Literature review
    • This is more than just an annotated bibliography!
    • Write a critical examination of the major issues of your topic.
  • Procedures/Research Methods
    • Document the detailed and logical steps you will take to complete your study.
    • Who is your study population?
    • Will a sample or the total population be used?
    • How will you collect data?
    • How will you maintain participant confidentiality (if appropriate)?
  • Result/Summary/Conclusion