AIBI Impact of Cyber Attacks on Organizations During the COVID 19 Period Essay



Impact of cyber-attacks on organizations during the COVID-19 period. Cyber threats are on the rise during the prolonged period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations encouraging employees to work from home following health protocols. Hackers have taken this opportunity to attack the organization’s systems and their information, share harmful links, phishing, and sell malicious malware. Therefore, the increase in these cases results to research problems that need solutions. The project aims to explore the impacts of these cyber-attacks on organizations and individuals worldwide. The research will begin by identifying all the affected attacks, the threats, and assess the challenges of various firms to counter these problems by providing a technological solution through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for the future of cybersecurity. AI which has proven to be extremely useful when it comes to detecting cyber threats based on analyzing data and identifying a threat. Finally, the research will explore all the impacts, both economic, social, and political, of these cyber-attacks. Data collection will be done through direct interviews, phone calls, and emailing to the target respondents. Quantitative techniques will be used in this process.

Theoretical background:
The technology adoption model could be applied in the study on the impact of cyber-attacks on organizations during the COVID-19 period.