Advanced Technical Centers Comparing the Work of Gibson and Adolph Essay

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Topic: Comparing the Work of Gibson and Adolph

Please watch this video  and do some research on the Visual Cliff Experiment, The work of Karen Adolph. Then do an analysis of the following:

The premise of the work by Dr. Adolph is that Gibson’s conclusion about infants developing a “fear” of the drop-off once they develop depth perception is incorrect.  That said, in your own words, and in no fewer than three paragraphs and no more than four paragraphs answer the following question:

Does Adolph’s work support Gibson’s conclusion that once infants develop depth perception they do not crawl to the deep side of the visual cliff because the infant fears the drop-off? If yes, then how does Adolph’s work support Gibson’s conclusion?  If no, then how does Adolph’s work not support Gibson’s conclusion?  Whichever way you go, your answer must also address the question of how the infants and toddlers in the video changed their approach as they learned different forms of locomotion.