2 pages movie relfection

Week 3, February 3, 2020
Early works: “Man With A Movie Camera” (YouTube)/”Nanook” (YouTube)/”Drifter” (YouTube)
6 modes of documentary films
https://www.videomaker.com/article/c06/18423-six-primary-styles-of-documentary-production (Links to an external site.)
WWII: “Night and Fog” (Kanopy-UNH library)/“Triumph of the Will” (YouTube)Note that you do not need to write reviews of the films this time, and as mentioned in class, you do not need to watch the films in their entirety.1) For all five of the films we watched parts of in class, choose the best stylistic definition and tell me why you think the that definition fits the film best.“Nanook of the North”, “Man With a Movie Camera”, “Drifters”, “Triumph of the Will”, “Night & Fog”* Note that all five of these films have their own Wikipedia page, as well as myriad other reviews and summaries from which you can get more information about the film, if you choose to add some detail to your response.https://www.videomaker.com/article/c06/18423-six-p…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnographic_film

2) A) Discuss the innovations that filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl brought to her documentary, “Triumph of the Will”, making specific reference to shots that we watched in class. The Wikipedia page for the film summarizes these innovations in the second paragraph on the page. Remember that if you quote the writing on the Wikipedia page word for word, you need to use a basic footnote and put the line(s) that you use in quotes.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_of_the_WillB) Compare and contrast three examples of the imagery you saw in “Triumph of the Will” and “Night & Fog” and discuss what you think the filmmakers were trying to convey to their audience through use of these images, and why you personally found each image compelling. You will be discussing a total of six images, i.e., one of your comparisons might be one of the shots above the clouds in the beginning of “Triumph of the Will”, and the enormous pile of human hair in a Nazi concentration camp in “Night & Fog”.This paper is due Monday, 2/17/20, by classtime.
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