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After watching the 3 movies, Patriot (2000), Amistad (1997), and Glory (1989), answer the questions below.
Patriot1. In the “Patriot”, who was the patriot, Ben, Gabriel, everyone? Explain2. Francis Marion, Banastre Tarelton, and Lord Cornwalis were the real people in the film. Write a paragraph or two on each and try to tie history into the film.Amistad3. Write about how, when, and why the international slave trade was banned in international law.4.Why did John Q. Adams deny he was an abolitionist?Glory5. Discuss Robert G.Shaw and his family.6. Why did Shaw volunteer to lead the charge on Ft. Wagner? Knowing what happened what does this tell us about the burden of military leadership, and how does that manifest itself earlier in the film?
this not essay just answer the questions 

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