2 Or Page Due Today In Two Hours

 PART 2: Reflection ART MUSEUM VISIT Refer to the notes that you took during your art museum visit, and conduct research on your selected work of art. Check out the art museum’s website for more information and authoritative sources about the artwork. Respond to the following prompts in your paper: 1. Describe your overall experience at the art museum. (1–2 pages) • What collections were exhibited? • What did you learn as you explored the art museum? • What exhibitions or individual artworks were engaging to you and why? 2. Discuss your extended experience with your selected work of art. (1–2 pages) • Identify your selected artwork (artist, title, date, media) • What drew you to this artwork? • How was the artwork made? • Is there a narrative, idea or information being shared through the artwork? If yes, how is it communicated? If no, what is the purpose or the intention of the artwork? • In what ways did your discoveries, questions, and speculations deepen and evolve as you spent more time exploring the work of art? 
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