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BUS 437: Project Procurement Management:
“Cheungâ€s Stair-step Chart.” Cheung (1999) provides a dispute resolution “stair-step” chart composed of seven (7) steps.

Of the steps in this dispute resolution, which step is the most crucial? Why?

HIS 104: American History to 1865:
This week our webtext begins with Why The North Won. Well, we have not even gotten into the war, yet, right?

So, look at my information in the Instructor’s Insights for how and why the Civil War started.
Now, think back over the course and recall how many times the North and South have disagreed over how America should be run. Think government, business, Africans/slaves, farming versus industry, regional differences, religion, and so forth.
Answer the question: what started the Civil War? Give three examples. Was it inevitable? Are we still fighting it today?
If you live in the South and some of the North, was any part of the Civil War fought in your backyard? For other parts of the North, how did the Civil War affect your area?

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