topic: the effects of trump tax cut
either pick a positive or negative side.
report should in professionals format. APA style
1. 10 academic sources needed. sources from 2009- present at least 4 scholarly journal articles, and might include trade journal articles and articles from the popular press. Whether articles are scholarly are not, they should be carefully chosen. Wikipedia articles, advertising (in most cases) or papers from sites like “freeessays.com” are not acceptable.
should be sure include:

Title Page
Abstract (should be an informative abstract)
Table of Contents
State the purpose and the issue or problem that the report addresses.
Provide brief background information and the big picture.
Preview the reportâ€s content, and relate the reportâ€s scope.
Organize your findings section using one or more of the patterns of organization discussed in class, as appropriate to your topic.
Analyze the findings completely, accurately, and appropriately, including all relevant data and excluding all irrelevant data.
Interpret the findings (discuss their importance and implications) rather than just presenting them.
Present the findings using informative, parallel headings to signal the contents of sections.

Front Matter:
Summary and Conclusions
Back Matter:
Reflection:300-500 words

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