1200 1500 word case study response

Assignment Questions: develop these questions into a paper response to the case –

In what ways was Thomasson seeking to demonstrate his faith on the job? Where do you see the influence of Thomasson’s faith as having an impact on his decision to rehire Whiting?Can we adequately measure how much of our faith can or is demonstrated in our decisions?
Should Whiting be out of opportunities if he does not meet Thomasson’s expectations in this new role?Has Thomasson “gone the extra mile” in offering Whiting this second chance?
Compare and contrast the two management approaches identified in the case: the process-centric approach (advocated by Gerber and modeled by Thomasson) with the outcomes-focused approach (advocated by Buckingham and Coffman, modeled by Ward).Does a faith-orientation lean more towards one approach versus another?
Should Thomasson’s approach to managing his business, so strongly focused on adherence to following specific processes, be mitigated by his faith, since he was so convinced that his way was the best way that he had to consider terminating Whiting a second time because Whiting would not follow his recommendations? What about the missed revenue opportunities?Would Ward’s approach have been the better way to manage this issue, by setting expectations and letting Whiting loose?
How would you balanced your faith and the realities of business in making a termination decision?Was Thomasson wrong for having rehired Whiting the second time?Should he first consult Ward before meeting with Whiting and making up his mind?
What impact can a person’s faith have on the job?Can we expect leaders to limit their faith expressions to those places where the demonstration of personal faith is more acceptable?
Is the expression of faith the real issue in this case?What about leadership style?If the two main protagonists in the case (Thomasson and Ward) both share a faith orientation, then why do they disagree on how to approach the issue of Whiting’s performance?

Use APA style and formatting to compose the 1200-1500 response paper.The paper should include a minimum of 4-6 business-related research articles or trade-based resources, in addition to the case reference information, for you to support your points.The word count excludes the reference list.
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