1.      How does music imitate the sounds of war in La Guerre?                                                    
2.      How can music be used as a weapon?                                                                                   
3.      What is the significance of the Ghost Dance?
4.      What happened at the Battle of the Wounded Knee and why?
5.      What were the two ways music was used in the Civil War?                         
6.      Who was John Philip Sousa?
7.      Write down the typical march form.  
8.      Describe 20th Century Music.
9.      When did Messiaen write the Quartet for the End of Time and what instruments did he use and why?                                                                                                                                   
10.  What 20th century musical techniques did Penderecki use and is it appropriate for the theme?   
11.  What did the hippie counterculture stand for and what musical event celebrated it?                                                                       
12.  How did the music in the Battle of the Green Berets demonstrate camaraderie?                 
13.  Explain the War of the Romantics.    
14.  Wagner is known for what original musical idea and how is it used in the orchestra?        
15.  What is Samuel Barber’s most well-known piece?                                                               
16.  What are the three symbolic groups in Britten’s War Requiem and what do they symbolize? 
17.  Read and discuss your opinions of the commentary “Why Composers Write Music” by Karl Paulnack found on Blackboard in Chapter 8.
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