10 pages paper

Students will work in groups of 4 to perform primary research that is a modified replication of the research performed in the article.Each student is required to participate in 10 sales encounters as a consumer.They should choose products/services they are actually interested in purchasing within the next year so that they are not wasting the time of the salesperson.Therefore, each group will have 40 sales encounters to analyze.Using the sales techniques discussed in the book, in class, and the article, students will analyze which techniques were used by the salespeople they encountered.In addition, after each encounter, students will let the salesperson know that they are analyzing the encounter as part of a professional selling class at your university. They will ask each salesperson the following questions: 1) do you work on commission (it is not necessary to know how much, just if), 2) did the salesperson receive any training, and 3) how long has the salesperson been in a sales career.If the salesperson refuses to answer the questions about commission and training, then the student is required to research the store and/or call the corporate office.
The 10-15 page paper that is written should be in the same format as most research articles. It should include the following sections: Introduction, literature review, hypothesis, method, results (including summary tables), discussion, managerial recommendations, references.All citations in the paper should be in a consistent format of the student’s choice (e.g. APA, MLA).
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