1 to 2 pages report on the given topic

Review the clip and answer the following questions:
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Automakers Daimler and BMW have agreed to merge their transportation services businesses so they can expand offerings in ride-hailing apps, car-sharing, parking, and charging electric cars.
The two companies said Wednesday they aim to become a “leading provider” of new ways to get around cities, where more people will see cars as a service they use when needed.
Those businesses include car-sharing, an area where Stuttgart-based Daimler AG operates its car2go service and Munich-headquartered BMW AG has DriveNow. Customers use a smartphone app to find and unlock cars parked on city streets and use them for short periods when needed.

Based on the above news clip, do you think that this maybe a step towards monopolizing the auto industry?
If this happens what do you think could happen in this Industry? What problems could be faced by BMW owners? What could be some of the disadvantages for the auto buyers (consumers)?
Illustrate your answer with suitable data and examples.

11 to 12 font size.
simple words and sentences structure.
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