Widener University Philadelphia Urban Adverse Childhood Experiences Discussion


Complete all of the following parts for your initial post:

Part One: Data from the Philadelphia Urban ACE Survey download were primary data collected to determine what adverse childhood experiences affected residents in the Philadelphia area. Your task is to review the executive summary and introduction in the ACE study document and identify and discuss reasons you believe it was necessary to collect primary data to examine this problem. You might consider what issues existed in previously collected datasets that would have prevented the researchers from finding out about problems in the Philadelphia area.

Part Two: The existing ACE study dataset would be considered secondary data if other researchers wanted to analyze the data for different research purposes. Review the survey questions in Appendix A and think of a research question that could be investigated using the data that have already been collected. Be specific.

Part Three: Next, discuss the advantages of using the Philadelphia Urban ACE data to answer your research question. Then, identify the disadvantages. What information in the ACE data is “missing” that would help to answer your research question?