WCU Alarm Fatigue One Alarm Management and Patient Safety Strategies Essay


Alarm Fatigue

  1. Value alarm safety as a practice priority.
  2. Review the components and procedures of alarm management.
  3. Develop evidence-based alarm management practice strategies that will be integrated into one’s professional practice.

Alarmsare intended to alert caregivers of potential patient problems. But ifalarms are not properly managed, they can compromise patient safety.

After completing the assigned readings:

  • Respond in one strategy per level.
  • Develop one alarm management and patient safety strategies for each of the following levels of care:
    • Organizational
    • Unit
    • Individual caregiver
  • Review the rubric for more information on how your assignment will be graded.


Content: Content is clearly written, thorough, and organized effectively. The paper includes all criteria required in assignment.

Sentencesare well constructed throughout the paper with no oversights,omissions, or inaccuracies. Writing flows smoothly from one idea toanother. Transitions are seamless and link the writer’s pointsconsistently. The assignment is written without spelling or grammaticalerrors.