USC Leadership to Inspire Collective Action Discussion Response

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1.Leadership to Inspire Collective Action

Understanding oneself is important for developing strength and insight that invigorates leadership (Bryson, 2018). I believe a great leader can look at oneself and truly understand where they are successful at and where there are areas of improvement that can be worked on. Likewise, leaders should seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals who are involved in the organization overall and holds the responsibility of implementing the strategic plan (Bryson, 2018).

As I reflect on my current team and my role as the Executive Director, I believe my success has been heightened because I have created a space where all members of the team can feel heard and respected. They each understand the importance of how having a voice at the table is crucial to how the organization moves forward. Another great leadership quality that I believe I have been blessed with is the ability to see the big picture and be that visionary that always keeps an organization fresh and innovative. What will allow the organization to succeed long term and be out of the box thinkers, is an asset I am thankful for.

My training and work experiences has allowed me to be mentored by some great women and men in leadership, and that training has pushed me to want to know more. In my current organization there were many great leaders that had the longevity component over me, yet I was given the opportunity to be the ED and I believe that part of that is due to having a humble spirit.  My leadership style allows me to show that I have the knowledge to succeed, but do not have to show up as I am the smartest person in the room.2.

2.Respond to at least one other learner. Share something about his or her explanation that triggered thoughts about your own experiences in changing trends in your organization or your work with constituents as a leader or future leader. below :

Organizational change will always be a process that occurs within an organization. The change could be prompted by executive level leadership, community needs, stakeholder concerns, politics, funding, etc. It is the responsibility of those in leadership positions can help constituents have a clear view of the organizations vision and mission. Some of the essential requirements a leader should be able to show constituents:

  • Developing a viable political rhetoric is a key visionary leadership and should help public leaders, managers, staff, and their collaborators understand how they might pursue their missions and create public value.
  • The key decision makers in the system must be willing to take effective political and organizational action to promote strategic thought, action, and learning
  • Provide education concerning the purposes, processes, and products [of the organization]
  • It should be clear that the leaders believe in the mission and vision (Bryson, 2018)