University System of Georgia Essence of Social Rules and Norms in Communication Essay


This speech is a chance for you to show you understand concepts from Unit 3 by teaching them to others. Imagine that you are going to teach some of the things in Unit 3 to a friend, sibling, or parent. How would you explain those concepts? For this assignment, you’ll write a speech with an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The Body will have three main ideas, and each main idea will be your chance to explain one of the concepts from Unit 3 :

    1. Communication is Integrated into All Parts of Our Lives from Unit 3, Chapter 1, page 36
    2. Communication is Governed by Culture and Context from Unit 3, Chapter 1, page 49
    3. Communication has Rules and Norms from Unit 3, Chapter 1, page 51


  1. Choose your three concepts that will become your three main ideas. Choose those that are most interesting to you, or that you think are most important for others to learn.
  2. For each concept, write a summary and example to teach that concept to your imagined audience member (friend, sibling, or parent). Your summary and example together should be one to one and a half minutes for each concept. For some of the longer concepts in the list above, this will mean cutting out some aspects you don’t have time to cover. For some of the shorter concepts, this will mean adding an additional or more developed example. Your aim is to have a rough draft explaining each concept, with each roughly the same length as the other two.
  3. Next, write a speech introduction. Attempt to grab the attention of your imagined audience member, give them a thesis or central idea, preview the main ideas (3 concepts) you will explain to them, and transition to the body.
  4. Next, write a speech conclusion. Remind your imagined audience of the thesis or central idea and main ideas (3 concepts). Provide a closing statement.