University of South Florida Job Market New Career Opportunities Discussion


As a recent graduate of the Bachelors of Applied Science Health Services Administration degree the possibilities before you are endless. You have decided that you have outgrown the qualifications for the current job you are in. You want to spread your wings and utilize all the new skills and applications you have learned in the HSA program. Fortunately in the Leadership course you updated your resume – how convenient since you have decided to pursue new career opportunities and test the job market.

I want you to conduct a job search and find several job positions for which you would consider applying. List 3 of those positions and the employers. Then describe in 250+ words minimum the process one would take in looking for a new job with your skill set and qualifications.

  • Please make sure to list the websites or search tools used in the mock job search process.
  • List key words (buzzwords) used and what items/words/descriptions were used to narrow down your search to jobs that would be good to apply for.
  • How long did it take the search to be completed?
  • What roadblocks did you discover during the search?

Remember this is just listing the PROCESS of looking for a job.

Reply 1 –

Bachelors of Applied Science Healthcare Administration Jobs


Title: Case Investigator-COVID 19 Contact Tracing Program

Employer: AM Trace LLC

Link: Investigator-COVID 19 Contact Tracing Program/

Title: Patient Experience Representative

Employer: The Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center

Link: Patient Experience Representative/

Title: Health Information Management Assistant Director

Employer: San Bernardino County

Link: Health Information Management Assistant Director/

Process of Application

While looking for a job, there are various approaches to take in the process. Searching for your dream job can be a hectic and yet rewarding step in life that almost every student must go through. It is a new frontier and involves venturing into uncharted waters. One may search for a job physical which involves visiting various employers and seeking interview appointments. However, this is a tedious process that demands one to travel and present themselves to several challenging situations with employers. One may also apply for job postings on particular social and online platforms such as job sites.

With a Bachelor of Applied Science Healthcare Administration degree, the job opportunities revolve around the medical and healthcare industry. This means that most job searches will aim towards hospital or medical institutions’ job openings. Therefore, certain vital words helped my browser search engine to point out medical-related jobs. For example, typing words like healthcare, applied science, hospital, medical or clinical were helpful during the job searching process.

Also, it essential to find the most reliable job sites on the internet that facilitate posting and application to well-updated job openings. To identify such sites, it is vital to check for several jobs posted, the duration of openings, and the information connected to the job. It is essential to assess the requirements for the job carefully. Some of the problems I faced included outdated job openings and inadequate information regarding the job description. Such issues create uncertainty when looking for a job because there is a gap in the information. I found that the most efficient platforms were like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Link Up, and Flex Jobs Corporation.

Reply 2 –

The links above are jobs that I would be interested in applying for once I finish my bachelor’s in healthcare administration. I currently have been working for BayCare as a PTA for the last four years. My ultimate goal is to graduate from this program, continue working as a PTA and apply for positions like I have included above until I am presented with a new job opportunity. Other search engines that could be utilized to look for job opportunities are Indeed, Linkedln and ZipRecruiter. Since I my goal is to stay within BayCare, I chose three off of the BayCare job board.

The three jobs listed, Team Relations Coordinator, Quality Data Analyst-ambulatory and Clinical Support app Analyst all require a bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ experience in healthcare related field. They also require a certification and licensure in RN, Pharmacist, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, and Respiratory therapy. There are many similar jobs out there but most of them require a nursing degree. That is why these three examples above would be a great fit for me given my education and experience. I have already discussed my plan with my current manager and she is very supportive of me trying to further my education to make a career change. I love what I do as a PTA but I know I wont be able to physically do it forever. After I graduate, I plan take my time and apply to open jobs that I qualify for and wait for an new exciting opportunity to arise.