University of San Francisco Neurovascular Check and Peritonitis Questions

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1.A 23-year-old female client had an emergency cholecystectomy three days ago for a ruptured gallbladder. The client has severe abdominal pain, abdominal rigidity, distension, increased temperature, tachycardia and an elevated white blood count (WBC). The client has probably developed:

2. A 25-year-old client who is three hours postoperative complains of right leg pain after knee reduction surgery. The first action by the nurse should be to

3. A client is considering laser abdominal surgery and asks the nurse if there is any advantage in having this type of surgery. The nurse’s response should be based upon the knowledge that laser surgery:

4. A 42year-old male client had abdominal surgery this morning. The nurse noticed a small amount of bloody drainage on the client’s surgical dressing. This type of drainage is:

5. A client had a hemicolectomy performed two days ago. Today, the nurse assessed the incision and discovered a small part of the abdominal viscera protruding through the incision. This complication of wound healing is known as?

6. The nurse documents a client’s surgical incision as having red granulated tissue. This indicates that the wound is?

7. A male client has returned to the Unit following a left femoral popliteal bypass graft. Six hours later, the client’s dorsalis pedis pulse cannot be palpated and his foot is cool and dusky. The nurse should