University of Phoenix Attaining Expertise Instruction Paper


Case Analysis 

Please answer the following 3 questions in essay style, 2-3 pages 

These questions are based on attached Case Study 

Please reference the attached document to answer the questions 

DO NOT use any outside sources other than the provided document 


1.) What factors have enabled the company to deliver strong performance in the past? 

2.) What are some of the important issues confronting this company and what external developments and internal actions might have caused these issues? 

3.) If you were taking over as CEO of the company at the end of case, what courses of action 5 would you pursue to address these issues? Explain how you would implement these, how they would address each issue, and what potential risks may exist. 

Original Work Only. 

This is a private question, when you are finished with this answer please do not upload the answer to the “Notebank” or anywhere else online. 

DO NOT Plagiarize. 

DO NOT copy any answers from previous or similar assignments to this assignment. 

DO NOT outsource or work with another tutor for this answer.