University of Northern Iowa Chapter 4 Investment Strategies Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a management report and need an explanation to help me study.

1. Based on the from interview question attachment, please transcribe first. Then use thematic analysis from the interview verbatim and then coding them into the theme and the theme must same with the objective.

2. From the verbatim that been transcribe, split it with the feedback(interview answer) using theme. include them into each theme.

3. example location, so how many person said about location… if there all of them, so 1-key informant 8. Example.

4. then maybe just one key informant, 7 mentioned on sponsored office, so this is another theme.

5. Based on all this explanation, I also attached the chapter 1-4 to you amend the chapter 4 using the thematic analysis plus the interview attachment that been attached. Amend the chapter 4.


u may based on articles qualitative study by Merriem Tisdel, Rober Yin, creswell for reference to use thematic analysis.