University of Central Florida Knowledge on Nutrition & Medical Conditions Essay

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I’m working on a nutrition discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Here’s the question: “Do we know all the essential nutrients and the amounts required by humans for good nutrition?”  What do you think? What is the evidence? If you were a research scientist how would you prove your hypothesis?  Remember, we are not talking about “foods” but rather “nutrients” – there’s a difference!.  We are not talking about “therapeutic nutrition” but rather “normal nutrition”   “Science doesn’t know everything” is not a good answer. “New foods will be discovered” is not a good answer.  (Your answer should not include herbal medications or drugs or answers like “who knows what we may discover in the future?” or anything about possible discoveries in the Amazonian rain forest!).  You may want to look up “Total Parenteral Nutrition” and see what is currently being done based on current knowledge – does that help you answer the question? For example:  (Links to an external site.)