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1. explore issues related to gender, body image, and sexuality in children’s media further. Write a “review” of the film and reading(s) .You can think about how the film you watched impacted you, how they relate to the readings for this week, or any questions and issues they raised for you. It asks you to watch the recent Netflix release Cuties (2020), read about the surrounding controversies, and reflect on your own response to the issues raised by and in the film

1. READ: Bradshaw, P. (2020). Netflix’s controversial child exploitation film is bold, flawed–and misunderstood. The Guardian.

Cuties Review

2. WATCH: Cuties trailer

3. Watch Cuties on Netflix (Of course I’m assuming here that you have access to Netflix in some way or can find the film otherwise).

Watch Cuties on Netflix

4. READ: Common Sense Media Reviews of Cuties (optional)

Common Sense Media Reviews

2. 1. You can choose to focus on one of the case studies explored in this week’s overview slides.(the file that I uploaded)

What interested you about the case study or reading? What questions did it raise for you about global kids’ media and culture?

2. Do children benefit from a shared media culture and media globalization? What do they gain, and what might they lose?

3. What 1-2 changes would you suggest to make the internet and global media function in the best interests of children around the world?