UC Wk 7 Visualizing and Analyzing data Discussion And Programming Questions


Week 7 Homework

After having established the initial plan, based on the focus of the research, the next step is to begin working with data. This assignment requires you to update the documented the plan you documented in part one of this visualization project in week four. After updating the plan, clean and explorie the data.

Assignment 3 Instructions: Part 2 Working with the Data Assignment 3 Instructions: Part 2 Working with the Data – Alternative Formats

When you document this information, you will need to write it as a paper. This is not a blog, a discussion, or a short answer paper. You will need to include an introduction, a topic sentence, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Not great at writing? Go to Start Here in the main menu and look at the resources available to you. Make sure that you document your work using the standards of APA 7. To help with formatting use the APA 7 Student Paper template. APA 7 Student Paper template. – Alternative Formats When you submit your work, you must submit both a paper and an R script file, with the loading, exploring, and cleaning of the data sample that applies to the assigned project.

This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.