TU Bringing Cash Back the Commerce Department & Multinational Companies Essay


Answer these questions using references. Points received for the responses will be based on the quality, and thoroughness, of the response. The highest quality responses will exhibit the following characteristics: Supporting reference to other literature on the topics being discussed. Relevant examples from personal/professional experience. All Items For Review and Discussion Question responses should include APA style references to support your response and, again, references outside of our text are strongly encouraged.

Why are companies such as Apple Inc. bringing cash back to the United States that prior to 2018 was kept in offshore banks? What impact is that having on the U.S. economy?

In what manner are firms investing or using “offshore cash” being brought back into the United States?

Describe the business culture in Mexico.

Do you feel that protectionism is good or bad for the world economy? Why?

In China, feng shui is important in business, whereas in Japan, nemaswashio is important. What are analogous U.S. terms and practices?