Sustained Dialogue Strategic Plan Community Health Worker Paper


Please think about the questions listed below. You will need to engage in discussion, ask questions for clarification, and respond to questions directed to you.

The question: 

“Drawing on your community persona (community health worker), please offer suggestions, insight, and discussion into the development of a strategic plan based on sustained dialogue. For this exercise, you are free to use your imagination about some “pending” community development issue. In framing this discussion, consider how community leaders might be approached about this issue and how sustained dialogue may be useful (or not useful) in improving development efforts surrounding your issue”

Through the use of sustained dialogue, we can overcome seemingly difficult, if not insurmountable, challenges associated with moving groups of people (and leaders) in a positive direction. Indeed, one of the most emphasized points is the notion of strategic plan development. In this particular example, five stages were required, which were:

  1. the decision to engage
  2. mapping and naming
  3. probing problems and relationships
  4. scenario building
  5. acting together