SUNY Old Westbury Network Builder & Systems Engineer Discussions Replies


In your response to your peers..

  • Discuss whether or not you are interested in the same roles.
  • Explain what kind of skills you think would be needed to excel in those professions.


The three possible careers I have chosen are Systems Analyst, Network Builder, and Project Manager. Of these three, I do not really think I would enjoy being a project manager, as the job duties just do not really interest me. Network building is actually where I plan to lean toward after completing my degree. It has interested me from the very start of my degree program and I just love the idea of starting with nothing and ending up with a complete, working network for a client. It will allow me to put my technical side to work as well as allowing me to be hands-on with the hardware side of things. A systems analyst also doe not really interest me that much as I have done way too much analyzing of various systems during my military career. So narrowing it down, Network building is where I see myself in the near future!


The three careers I chose to discuss are System Analyst, System Administrator, and System Engineer.

A Systems Analyst’s job is to improve and maintain a system for a company. A Systems Administrator controls the processes on a company’s system while using project management skill set. They also uphold the pillars of the CIA triad in everything they do. A Systems Engineer upgrades systems for increased performance. This could be through better hardware or software. The role that I wouldn’t like would be the System Admin role. Especially just starting off I would like to learn all I can before I’m in charge of anyone or any processes. The other roles I would be fine with.